Help? Instantly. Anytime.

MINI Roadside Assistance Program.


There for you wherever you need us.

Nothing beats driving down a great stretch of road in your MINI for peace of mind and adventure. But occasionally, something unforeseen might occur. At MINI, we believe that the perfect experience goes hand in hand with worry free driving. And that’s where our MINI Roadside Assistance service comes in.

We designed it to give you comprehensive support and complete confidence. Whether breakdown or accident, one single call to one number is all it takes. You can rely on our specialists to solve the problem swiftly and reliably and enable you to continue your journey. So, you can drive your MINI secure in the knowledge that help is just a phone call away – 24 hours a day, every day.

MINI owner calling MINI Breakdown Assistance.


Call +62 800 1 269 269

In the event of a breakdown, one call is all it takes. And our MINI Breakdown Assistance ensures that you and your MINI get back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Problem solved by our experts on the phone.

  • Breakdown assistance provided on the scene by an expert cooperation partner.

  • Contact with and navigation to the nearest MINI Service Partner.

  • If necessary, we’ll organise a tow-away service for you.

At your side 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

MINI owner calling MINI Breakdown Assistance.

Breakdown: What to do?

1. Look for a secure place to leave the vehicle (service lane, parking bay, roadside).

2. Activate the hazard lights.

3. Put on a safety vest.

4. Secure the automobile. (Low beam headlight, warning triangle)

5. Call MINI Roadside assistance: +62 800 1 269 269

6. Wait in a safe place until help arrives.