22 JUNE 2016




Jakarta. MINI Indonesia today staged an intimate event in celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan featuring a hearty fast-breaking dinner with its media friends.  At the same occasion, BMW Group also presented the realignment of the MINI brand as is true to its nature of constantly reinventing itself. The afternoon event was also enlivened by the presence of the recently-launched new MINI Clubman, which has received an especially warm welcome from Indonesian customers, while attendees also got the opportunity to experience the typical MINI go-kart feeling through test drives using the latest MINI vehicles.


Karen Lim, President Director BMW Group Indonesia, took the time to elaborate on MINI’s latest product range and brand realignment strategy: “MINI is a brand that captures and embodies the spirit of the times. It is in the brand’s DNA to constantly reinvent itself. Since its creation in 1959, the MINI brand has always stood for ideas, inspiration and passion. I feel confident in saying this outlook will not change. As the brand’s visual identity evolves, we open ourselves up to new ideas. We are also expanding our products in the premium compact class, which will attract new customers and even more avid MINI fans. I firmly believe that this comprehensive realignment will enable us to continue the MINI brand’s unique success story. The acceptance of the New MINI Clubman, as the first model of a more sophisticated and innovative brand approach, is the first indicator for that. We are proud to announce that we received pre-bookings for the New MINI Clubman up until the month of August and this gives us a taste of the potential for new and innovative vehicle concepts in the Indonesian market.”


MINI sees this as a time for reinvention as the brand creates a new visual identity for itself. At the heart of the brand’s design is the unique brand and product experience which MINI has always stood for. The original idea behind the MINI design was to develop a highly-efficient vehicle focused on the essentials, while also boasting the agility to offer a one-of-a-kind driving experience. 



To celebrate the BMW Group’s centenary year under the motto THE NEXT 100 YEARS, each BMW Group brand is setting out to interpret the mobility of the future in a way that reflects its own particular values.


Throughout its history the company has placed its sights firmly on the future and this has become embedded in the BMW Group’s DNA. So for the Centenary it is natural that the Group is focusing primarily on looking to the future and sharing its vision of personal mobility two or three decades from now.


To answer how we will live and move around in the future, the BMW Group has formulated six central hypotheses for individual mobility in the coming decades, based on key megatrends and future projections.


- Mobility is becoming versatile.

New forms of mobility will open up countless possibilities for people to get where they want to go. The BMW Group aims to play a part in shaping these future forms of mobility.


- Connectivity is becoming second nature.

In the future, everything will be connected. The BMW Group firmly believes that digitalisation and digital intelligence are meant to serve people. That is the only way they will permanently enhance our quality of life.


- Mobility is becoming tailor-made.

Mobility will be increasingly flexible and tailored to individual needs. In the future, customised mobility will automatically ensure that people are able to use the best means of transport and take their preferred route to their destination. The BMW Group will offer carefully coordinated products and services to achieve this.


- Technology is becoming human.

Technologies are getting smarter. The BMW Group believes that innovations are only beneficial to humans if they are simple and user-friendly. In its vision, technologies must be able to learn from and adapt to people, so that technology seems less technical and more human and familiar.


- Energy is becoming emission-free.

In the future, energy will increasingly come from renewable sources. The BMW Group has a clear vision of environmentally-compatible vehicles built using renewable energies and recycled without generating emissions. It is working towards becoming a wholly sustainable company.

- Responsibility is becoming diverse.

In the future, it will become even more important for global companies like the BMW Group to take responsibility for the environment, but also for the people directly or indirectly in its sphere of activity. One aspect – concerning both the company’s international workforce of more than 100 different nationalities and people connected with its various locations – is to promote intercultural exchange and improve lives. The BMW Group already supports more than 200 environmental and social projects in over 42 countries engaging in various projects involving its associates and local communities to maximize its impact in the future. (To find out more about Corporate and Intercultural Responsibility at the BMW Group, visit the PressClub at: www.bmwgroup.com/responsibility).


These six focus areas comprise the BMW Group’s view of the future. They also form the basis and inspiration for the design of the Vision Vehicles the company is unveiling to the public to mark its centenary. 


“Following the BMW VISION NEXT 100 concept, which was launched at the Munich Centenary Event on 7 March, the latest interpretation of future mobility as derived from MINI, The MINI VISION NEXT 100 was presented at the Iconic Impulses exhibition in London. The MINI VISION NEXT 100 offers a completely individualised, permanently available form of urban mobility,” added Karen.


Today’s MINI is the perfect premium compact car for the modern city. Digitalisation and connectivity are increasingly changing the way we get around on an everyday basis – and this change is taking place most rapidly and noticeably in urban areas. The MINI VISION NEXT 100 concept is MINI’s answer to several key questions on urban mobility over the years ahead.


The core philosophy behind MINI VISION NEXT 100 is the thoughtful use of the planet’s resources in providing personal mobility. The motto “Every MINI is my MINI” describes a particular take on car-sharing. In the future, fans of the brand will be able to call on a MINI tailored to their personal requirements wherever they are, day or night. The MINI of the future will be available 24/7, able to pick its driver up from their desired location in a fully automated way and will adapt itself to the driver’s individual tastes, interests and preferences. At the heart of this concept is fully connected digital intelligence.



As a taste of what the MINI VISION NEXT 100 concept offers, the current MINI product line-up is also available to fulfil individual needs through personalized features as well as connectivity needs with current MINI Connected apps. The recently-launched new MINI Clubman offers the best everyday practicality, long distance suitability, versatility and ride comfort ever seen in a MINI. With four doors and the characteristic split doors at the rear, five fully-fledged seats and a generously sized, versatile interior, the new MINI Clubman meets all the requirements of the premium compact class in terms of functionality in its own unconventional way. Individual style, outstanding driving fun and the quality level of a premium automobile make it an exceptional phenomenon that will appeal to additional target groups and give them a taste of the distinctive MINI feeling.


Meanwhile, the new MINI 5-Door and MINI 3-Door are instant classics that will never let the enthusiasm of their drivers diminish. These two MINI models embody MINI’s unique brand tradition. MINI, of course, is the original benchmark in the small car premium segment and it continues to pioneer technologies in this segment. The new MINI 5-Door and MINI 3–Door have it all: authentic design and unique style, not to mention characteristic driving fun.


The MINI Countryman with its 4 doors, higher ground clearance and all-wheel drive system still stands for the Off-Road and adventurous character of the MINI brand and continues to excite the more daring set of customers.


“Ramadan is not only an important time for those who exercise their religious faith, but also a good moment to spend quality time with friends through the tradition of iftar. We hope that gatherings like these will continue to be held and that the circle of friendship between BMW Group Indonesia and our media friends is strengthened so as to enable even better collaboration in the future,” Karen concluded.