2 August 2018




Jakarta. The opening of the BMW Group Pavilion at Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2018 also marks a new chapter for the Bristish premium automobile manufacturer MINI. This Iconic brand has strengthened the progressive character and appeal of its models in the compact car segment with a stylish refined visual appearance and extensive technological advancements.. The new features include fresh design accentuations and innovations in the field of drive technogology.


"A unique combination of driving fun, premium quality and individual style characterizes the models with which MINI continues to increase its popularity in the Indonesian automotive market. The model update for the MINI 3 Door, MINI 5 Door and the MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door puts into place a fresh impetus for the success of the brand,” said Ramesh Divyanathan, President Director BMW Group Indonesia. The three originals in the premium compact car segment are now sportier, more advanced and more attractive than ever before, thanks to the model update. The new MINI 3 door, MINI 5 door and MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door boast specific design modifications, additional equipment features and innovative technology.


“MINI is a very emotional brand, and you don’t find that very often in this form especially in the automotive world. And with the refinement of these New MINI models, we aim to maintain this positioning and connect with every unique MINI customer even more,” said Kidd Yam, Head of MINI Asia.


MINI showcases full line-up at GIIAS 2018.

At GIIAS 2018, the BMW Group Pavilion will serve as the stage for seven MINI variants, including 3 new MINI models in both the Cooper and Cooper S engine variants, the New MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door, and the new MINI Countryman. The complete line-up will display the superiority of MINI vehicles in terms of design, performance, maximum balance between driving fun and efficiency, innovative technology, and smart connectivity. On top of that, MINI Indonesia is also celebrating the MINI John Cooper Works line-up by presenting the John Cooper Works Corner within the BMW Group Pavilion. This facility offers simplicity to customers who wants to place an order from the John Cooper Works line-up, including the new MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door.


“With the launch of 3 new MINI models, once again MINI Indonesia is demonstrating its commitment to consistently fulfilling the needs of its customers. MINI fans can now enjoy the brand’s signature go-kart feeling with a premium touch, unique design, and fantastic versatility,” added Ramesh.


Fresh Update for the Original in the Premium Compact Car Segment.

The upgrading of the original product in the premium segment of compact cars highlights the mature yet distinctive charisma of MINI. In its current model generation, it is now available for the first time with three body types for hallmark driving fun in urban traffic. This is due to elements such as the new engine-transmission combination, an extended range of standard features, newly-designed headlights and rear lights, additional body finishes and cutting-edge connectivity technology for convenience and infotainment.

MINI 3 Door, MINI 5 Door, MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door: overview of new features.

·       New head lights and rear lights design.

·       LED headlights with Matrix function for the high beam.

·       LED rear lights in Union Jack design.

·       New MINI logo.

·       3 new body finishes, Piano Black exterior.

·       New light alloy wheels.

·       Extended range of leather trim, interior surfaces and Colour Lines.

·       Further developed engines with enhanced efficiency as well as increased capacity and torque.

·       7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch, 8-speed Steptronic transmission.

·       Multifunctional steering wheel and radio with 6.5-inch colour screen, USB and Bluetooth interface as standard.

·       New selector lever.

·       Radio and navigation systems with touchscreen monitor.

·       Telephony with wireless charging.

·       MINI logo projection from the exterior mirror on the driver‘s side.

·       MINI Connected.


Bright and dazzle-free: adaptive LED headlights with Matrix function for the high beam.

A modified design for the characteristic circular headlights makes the hallmark front view of

the New MINI 3 Door, New MINI 5 Door and New MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door even more powerfully expressive. A striking accentuation is added by means of a black panel. In the LED headlights, the high-quality technology is underscored by means of an entirely new design of the light sources. The latest generation of the LED modules for low and high beam offers increased brightness. Meanwhile, the LED daytime driving light and the turn indicator lights are generated by a ring which surrounds the entire contour of the headlight. The adaptive LED headlights automatically adjust their brightness to the situation on the road. When driving through a city or in the event of limited visibility due to the weather, it is possible to add in the dimmed turning light so as to intensify illumination of the side section of the roadway. Meanwhile, a specifically increased range of the low beam ensures optimum illumination of the road when driving on the highway.


The innovative Matrix technology for the high beam increases visibility range while, at the same time, avoiding any dazzle effect for other road users. For this purpose, it is divided into four horizontally-arranged segments, which are activated and deactivated independently of one another at speeds of over 70 km/h. The high beam segments are controlled based on the situation on the road. As soon as the MINI front camera registers an oncoming vehicle or a vehicle driving ahead, the space that vehicle occupies is only illuminated at low beam brightness. This is done by deactivation of the Matrix high beam segments that are responsible for the space in question. The remaining areas of the road continue to be illuminated at high beam brightness. This technology is available on the New MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door.


Very British: rear lights in Union Jack design.

The rear lights also feature a new design in conjunction with the LED headlights and the adaptive LED headlights. In a clear reference to the brand‘s British origins, the upright light units at the rear of the new MINI 3 Door, the new MINI 5 Door and the New MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door now appear in a Union Jack design. The striking flag motif is recreated in the structure of the light functions. The turn indicators are horizontally arranged and the brake lights are vertically aligned, with the tail light additionally representing the diagonal lines of the British flag. In order to ensure a particularly harmonious lighting effect, all light sources forming the Union Jack graphic use LED technology.


New MINI logo: reduced to the essentials.

The new MINI logo is clear and authentic in style, appearing on the bonnet, tailgate, steering wheel, central instrument display and remote control in all models. It is a re-interpretation of the existing logo and now features a two-dimensional “flat design”. As such, the MINI logo reflects the new brand identity with its focus on the essentials – namely key values such as driving fun, distinctive design, premium quality and emotional appeal.


Three new body finishes, premiere for Piano Black Exterior.

The range of body finishes available for the New MINI 3 Door and the New MINI 5 Door encompasses three variants. The colours Emerald Grey metallic, Starlight Blue metallic and Solaris Orange metallic are now also included in the program. What’s more, the list of optional equipment items features an additional means of customising the exterior design. The Piano Black Exterior, the surrounds of the headlights, rear lights and radiator grille are finished in high-gloss black instead of chrome. The 17-inch light alloy wheels in the design styles Roulette Spoke 2-tone and Propeller Spoke 2-tone are now available for the New MINI 3 Door and the New MINI 5 Door. Meanwhile, the 18-inch light alloy wheels in the John Cooper Works Cup Spoke design style are available for the New MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door.





New leather trims, interior surfaces and Colour Lines.

A broad selection of seat surfaces, interior surfaces and Colour Lines adds a touch of individual style to the interior of the new MINI 3 door, the new MINI 5 door and the new MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door. New features for the MINI 3 door and the MINI 5 door include the Chester leather trim in Malt Brown and a Colour Line now also available in Malt Brown.


The MINI Yours Interior Style Piano Black is now available with illumination. As well as surfaces in the area of the doors and centre console finished in Piano Black, this also includes a rear-lit decorative strip for the instrument panel on the passenger side. The latter is likewise finished in Piano Black as well as bearing a stylised Union Jack motif. The colour of the background lighting for the decorative strip is the same as the mood of the ambient lighting selected by the driver as part of the MINI Excitement Package.


Drive: increased driving fun and efficiency, reduced weight with CFRP.

A detailed revision of the engines offered in the new MINI 3 door and the new MINI 5 Door

results in enhanced driving fun. This revision also leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 figures by as much as five per cent, as well as optimising emissions so as to comply with the more rigorous exhaust emission standards of the future. Further development has been applied across the board, including in the basic engine, MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology, engine electronics, oil supply, air intake ducting, the cooling system and the exhaust systems. The weight of the drive units has also been reduced. The engine covers are made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) making them lighter now. This material, more specifically, is carbon fibre recyclate generated in the production of BMW i automobiles.


New: 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch, 8-speed Steptronic transmission.

The new transmission type is characterised by very fast gearshifts, enabling extremely nimble acceleration manoeuvres without torque interruption. The transmission is operated using a newly-designed electronic gear selector lever. A 7-speed Steptronic sports transmission with double clutch is available for The New MINI 3 Door and the New MINI 5 Door – both for the Cooper and Cooper S engine variants. This includes shift paddles on the steering wheel for particularly spontaneous manual intervention in the choice of gear. The 8-speed Steptronic transmission is also operated by means of an electronic gear selector lever available for the New MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door.


All Steptronic transmissions available for the new MINI 3 Door, the new MINI 5 Door and the New MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door allow for the use of the coasting function in MID and GREEN mode as well as the latest generation of the auto start/stop function. Navigation and front camera data can now be incorporated into the control of the latter, too. If the vehicle is fitted accordingly, this allows situations to be identified in which it is better not to switch off the engine: for example when stopping briefly before making a turn or entering a roundabout, or if the traffic ahead has started moving again.



Diverse range of engines.

There are 2 engine variants to choose from for the new MINI 3 Door:

MINI Cooper 3 Door:

136 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds

Top speed                    : 210 km/h

CO2-emissions              : 114 g/km


MINI Cooper S 3 Door:

192 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds

Top speed                    : 235 km/h

Fuel consumption        : 17.5 km/l

CO2-emissions              : 129 g/km


2 engine variants are offered for the New MINI 5 Door:

MINI Cooper 5 Door:

136 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds

Top speed                    : 207 km/h

Fuel consumption        : 18.5 km/l

CO2-emissions              : 123 g/km


MINI Cooper S 5 Door:

192 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds

Top speed                    : 235 km/h

CO2-emissions              : 124 g/km


MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door:

231 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds

Top speed                    : 250 km/h

Fuel consumption        : 16.7 km/l

CO2-emissions              : 137 g/km


New steering wheel with multifunction buttons and radio with 6.5-inch colour touch screen.

The newly-designed three-spoke steering wheel in the MINI 3 Door, and MINI 5 Door now features multifunctional buttons. On the left-hand control panel, it is possible to activate the Speed Limit Device to set a maximum speed, while the audio and communication controls are on the right-hand side. A 6.5-inch colour screen is in the central instrument panel and mobile phone integration via Bluetooth is available for all New MINI models. The Control Display offers a touchscreen function in conjunction with the optional Radio MINI Visual Boost and a navigation system. The Head-Up Display feature is also available for the New MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door.


Telephony with wireless charging, MINI logo projection.

The New MINI 3 Door, the New MINI 5 Door and the New MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door offer telephony with wireless charging. A storage compartment integrated in the centre armrest enables wireless charging of mobile phones. This feature also includes a second USB socket in the front section of the centre console. The MINI Excitement Package now also includes the MINI logo projection on the driver‘s side. When the vehicle is opened and closed, the new MINI logo is projected onto the ground in front of the door from a light source in the exterior mirror and can be seen there for 20 seconds, or as long as the door is left open.


Pricing and availability.

The New MINI 3 Door, the New MINI 5 Door and the New MINI John Cooper Works 3 Door will be available at MINI Authorized Dealers from August 2018. The vehicles come with MINI Service Inclusive, which includes free-of-charge regular maintenance for 5 years or 60,000 km, whichever comes first, as well as a 36-month warranty without mileage limitations. The vehicles are also covered by BMW Group Tire Coverage for 3 years, including replacement of up to 4 tires per year up to 100%, covering the cost of the tires and labor. This coverage extends to damage caused by punctures, bulging, cuts, bursts, and tears, or the vehicle continuing to run on flat tires. Tires will be replaced with originals - terms and conditions apply.