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Service and Repair

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passionate about your MINI.

Your MINI is unlike anything else on the road, and nobody knows how to care for it better than a MINI Certified Technician. Unlike other mechanics, MINI Certified Technicians must go through rigorous, specialized training to deliver precise service for every component of your MINI, from boot to bonnet. And because MINI Technicians only use MINI-approved diagnostic tools and Original MINI Parts & Accessories, you can count on your vehicle being serviced right the first time, every time. Why settle for anything less?




maintenance & inspection.

thorough perfection.

The eagle-eyed MINI Service experts never miss a thing. Supported by state-of-the-art technologies, they spot even the tiniest irregularity and know how to rectify it immediately. Which is good for you, of course: the more thorough the inspection, the safer your driving sensation.


two tests for the time of one

main inspection and emissions exhaust test.

two tests for the time of one.

Condition Based Service (CBS) in your MINI ensures that you always know when the next statutory inspection is due. The officials will perform the tests directly on our premises. Before the main inspection and exhaust emissions test, why not arrange a MINI Pre-Check, just to be on the safe side?

a tonic for that heart of your mini

engine oil service.

a tonic for that heart of your mini.

MINI Condition Based Service (CBS) informs you well in advance when your engine oil has to be changed. Your MINI Service Partner supplies your MINI with fresh, top-quality engine oil and replaces the micro filter, which guarantees fresh air inside the MINI. And it goes without saying that the used oil is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.


special inspections.

winter, holiday or safety check-up.

Need to get your MINI ready for winter? Or kitted out for a long stretch away on holiday? Or do you want to check whether your car's in good enough shape for one of the really important state-controlled tests? Whatever it is you're after, your MINI Service Partner is bound to have the check-up you need.

standard inspection.

service as you like it.

Nobody likes thinking about when the next inspection's due. And with a MINI, you don't have to anyway. Because with a MINI, there are no fixed service intervals. Thanks to Condition Based Service (CBS), your MINI lets you know when maintenance and repair work is necessary, thus saving you unnecessary journeys to servicing centres − and thus time and money too.




body & paintwork.

for that winning gleam.

Even with its robust chassis and muscular contours, your MINI is not completely damage-proof. What might seem to be just a slight dent can quickly affect the quality of the body and paintwork. Luckily, MINI specialists can rectify the damage almost as quickly as it came about.


body repairs.

getting things back into shape.

Using the latest technologies, MINI specialists can repair damage to the MINI bodywork so efficiently that there's not a scar to be seen. And if you want, you can have that in writing − on the official repair certificate, of course.

paint repairs.

systematically perfect.

Paint repairs carried out by MINI Service ensure that your MINI retains its true colours − as a result of the MINI ColorSystem and its environmentally-friendly paint and spraying methods. This innovative process guarantees an as-good-as-new shine and is sure to strike the right tone − every single time.




mechanics & electrics.

repair job for experts.

For service work on electrical and mechanical parts, there's no better address than MINI specialists. Their modern diagnosis and programming systems combined with Original MINI Parts ensure perfect interplay between all components.


slowing down exactly right

brake service.

slowing down exactly right.

The asbestos-free brake pads in the MINI are calibrated exactly to suit all the spec of your MINI model and guarantee optimal braking in all conditions. Their high proportion of graphite helps to prevent any cracking at high temperatures.
Price for brake pad replacement, incl. labour costs and all necessary parts.

diagnostics for the experts

electrical repairs.

diagnostics for the experts.

Electrical circuits, processors, accumulators, sensors − all this modern equipment makes for a safe, comfortable and fuel-saving drive in the MINI. But technology as complicated as this should only be dealt with by experts in possession of the requisite know-how, diagnosis devices and maintenance systems. In other words: by MINI specialists. As electrical and electronic repairs vary considerably, please contact your MINI Service Partner to make an appointment.


exhaust service.

the open-air sound check.

Does your MINI not sound quite as guttural as you'd like? Maybe it needs a new exhaust. The Original MINI Rear Silencer is perfectly tailored to the engine of your MINI and helps to achieve optimal emission levels. A perfect fit, it guarantees the full-blooded, authentic MINI sound.




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MAKE YOUR MINI FLAWLESS AGAIN. If your MINI has picked up some minor dings, dents or scratches – don’t worry. A wide range of expert repair services are on offer to take care of even the most minor of cosmetic damage to your MINI. Using innovative scuff, scratch, glass and alloy wheel repair techniques, as well as machine polish methods, we’ll bring your MINI back to its best.


Spot repairs.

definitely not scratchy.

A chequered on-road past often leaves its mark. So it's a good job MINI Service is on hand to remove scratches and chips in the paintwork quickly and economically. And with the special process and environmentally-friendly MINI ColorSystem, it's not necessary to remove any individual parts.

Prices vary according to the size of the surface under repair. Make an appointment with your MINI Service Partner to obtain an individual offer.

interior repairs.

light refreshments indoor.

Torn seats? Ripped upholstery? Scratches on the interior surfaces? All minor stuff – particularly for MINI Service, who'll restore the inside of your MINI to its original glory in next to no time.

Prices vary according to the size of the surface under repair. Make an appointment with your MINI Service Partner to obtain an individual offer.


Dent Repairs.

spray it again? not necessary.

Small dents, caused maybe by hailstones or a scrape in the car park, can usually be removed by your MINI Service Partner without the need for a respray. Damage is rectified quickly and inexpensively and your MINI retains its original shine − and its resale value too.

Prices shown for dent removal are for up to three dents per component.

plastics repairs.

cracks? vanished without a trace.

No chinks in the armour: cracks or scratches on plastic parts (e.g. bumpers) are removed by MINI Service experts in the blink of an eye.

Prices vary according to the size of the surface under repair. Make an appointment with your MINI Service Partner to obtain an individual offer.


glass repairs.

cost with partial insurance cover.

It's often quicker to repair a damaged windscreen than to replace it. MINI Service specialists usually need no more than an hour to get rid of a crack or a scratch. And if you've got partial insurance cover, you don't even have to pay for it.

Price for windscreen repair with partial insurance cover.